About Josie

Josie has been massaging for five years and teaching Pilates for ten.

She practices a combination of gentle myofascial release, traditional Swedish massage, and a peppering of any technique that is needed to get your body to respond and shift. Using her education of anatomy, her keen sense of touch and your knowledge of your body; Josie tailors all sessions to your specific needs. Her style allows for the treatment of both chronic and acute pain.

Josie is a versatile massage therapist, drawing on an array of techniques including: myofascial release, Swedish massage, sclerotomal release, chest and breast massage, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage.

Josie loves teaching movement and believes that Pilates is an important tool for gaining body awareness and facilitating greater ease within the body.

Josie is passionate about meeting people where they are and emphasizing conscious movement in a pain free range of motion throughout every session. Pilates is an ideal modality for those of us with injuries or chronic conditions. If something hurts during a session, Josie is adept at offering modifications and movement alternatives.

Josie is excited to explore Pilates with you and to help you enhance your ease of movement, build your strength, and increase your range of mobility.